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No One Left Behind is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to saving the lives of America’s Wartime Allies and their families who have saved the lives of thousands of Americans in service to our country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an Afghan or Iraqi, and I want to apply for a visa to America

I have applied for the Special Immigrant Visa, but I have a problem/issue/question

I have applied for the Direct Access Program (often known as IOM), but I have a problem/issue/question

The Direct Access Program / IOM process usually takes 3-5 years.

No One Left Behind is only chartered to work on the Special Immigrant Visa. Though, we may post recommendations for assistance wiht the IOM process on our Facebook page from time to time, so please continue to monitor that page.

The International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP) may be able to provide you assistance (they cannot make your case go faster). You can email them at They have a team of lawyers that help cases like yours for free. It may take them up to 6 weeks to respond to your initial email, however, as they take cases in the order they are received.

I am an Afghan or Iraqi SIV holder who is currently in America, and I need assistance

No One Left Behind offers assistance in areas where we have chapters.

To start the process of receiving assistance, please fill out our intake form here:

After you fill out the intake form, please email the following email address(es) based on your geographic location:

If not listed below –

Washington, DC (including Virginia and Maryland) –,, and

Rochester, NY –

Chicago, IL –

San Diego, CA –

Sacramento, CA –

Denver, CO –

Omaha, NE –

San Francisco, CA (including the East Bay area) – and

Alabama –

Boston, MA –

I am an Iraqi or Afghan in America who is trying to bring my wife/husband or other family members to America

No One Left Behind cannot help with this issue.

You should contact an immigration lawyer.

You can also try emailing the International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP) at They have a team of lawyers that may be able to help you for free. It may take them up to 6 weeks to respond to your initial email, however, as they take cases in the order they are received.

I am an American (including military veterans) and trying to help an Afghan or Iraqi who I worked with

First, please reference the following SIV application information pages:



Usually, the best way that you can help is by starting a letter writing campaign to Members of Congress by following our instructions here:

If you have additional questions or need further guidance, you can contact

*** Note: The Special Immigrant Visa program is closed to new applicants from Iraq. Iraqis who have an affiliation with America need to apply to this program:

I am interested in making a donation or volunteering

To make a financial or in-kind (furniture or vehicle) donation, please go to this page:

To volunteer with No One Left Behind, please go to this page:

Thank you for your support!!

I am looking for a media contact for No One Left Behind

Please direct all media inquiries to Hannah by emailing

I am a veteran how can I tell my story

I am interpreter how can I tell my story

What We Do

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Did you serve alongside US troops in any capacity and are in need of an Special Immigration Visa (SIV) or assistance resettling in the US?

Are you a US serviceman or veteran looking to support your Wartime Ally who is still abroad?

You’re in the right place.


Janis Shinwari

Janis Shinwari directly saved five U.S. soldiers during his nine years of combat interpretation support to Operation Enduring Freedom. On April 28, 2008, U.S. Army Captain Matt Zeller found himself in an ambush pinned down by enemy fire, low on ammunition, and questioning whether he would ever see his family again. At that critical moment, Janis and an American quick reaction force arrived to rescue Matt and his team. Janis calmly assessed the situation and joined the fight just in time to shoot two Taliban fighters who had flanked Matt’s position and were closing in for the kill.

Ajmal Faquiri

From homeless vet to community leader.

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Janis Shinwari

A hero in battle. A hero in peace.

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Success Stories

Helping those who helped us.

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Interested in making a difference? There are a number of ways that you can help support those who have given their profound service to our nation’s military while at war.


We regularly work with the media and post updates to our blog in an effort to raise awareness about who we are, what we do, and the people that we serve. Get to know us better through our work and see for yourself what we are working to achieve and how your generous donations are being used to help change lives.

CNNi talks to U.S. Army Captain Matt Zeller about the plight of Afghan and Iraqi translators trying to get U.S. visas.


It’s a reunion five years in the making. For Army Captain Matt Zeller, it is mission accomplished..

His Maryland driver’s license lists his name as “FNU Ajmal.” The FNU stands for “first name unknown.”