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The Essence of Good

by No One Left Behind

The Essence of Good How do you repay someone for the gift of life? What is it you wouldn’t do? I imagine you’d do anything. Janis Shinwari, the Afghan translator who worked with my Army unit in Afghanistan, saved my life (check out the amazing story here), and those of four other American soldiers over…

Updates to SIV Resettlement Cities and Procedures

by No One Left Behind

     On June 8th, the US Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration announced changes to the Reception and Placement process for SIVs, effective immediately. The Reception and Placement (R&P) program is the program that assists SIVs for the first 90 days of their life in the US and covers services such…

Freedom Matters

by No One Left Behind

  We are excited to be launching a new #FREEDOMMATTERS campaign to support the many interpreters who served us so valiantly in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we need your help. We are hoping to raise up to $100,000 to enable them to build new lives here in America. It really is the greatest gift we can give them.…