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Help for Blacklisted Interpreters

by No One Left Behind

No One Left Behind recently met with the U.S. Department of State to advocate for the many ‘blacklisted’ interpreters. A blacklisted interpreter is one who has been rejected from receiving or applying for an SIV due to: Having been terminated for cause, Being security ineligible, Failing a security review, or Failing the CI polygraph. We…

No One Left Behind Kept America’s Promise

by NOLB Staff

No One Left Behind Kept America’s Promise by Mollie McGurk “If all the organizations supporting refugees and SIVs were doing their jobs properly like No One Left Behind things would be great … but unfortunately they are not.” “When I was in Afghanistan waiting for my visa, I was so ambitious, so happy and so…

Welcome Home Jack

by NOLB Staff

Yesterday, I had the honor to help our Southern California team welcome home Jack – an Afghan who served as an interpreter for the US military for 6 years – a six tour combat veteran. Thanks to your support, Jack has a home and a community that has already fully embraced him.  As part of…