SIV Help

We support Wartime Allies (interpreters, soldiers, cultural advisors, and other allies of American troops) who have been displaced from their home due to their association with and support for Americans.

We are focused exclusively on serving Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) recipients and their families. These men and women have served honorably alongside US military and government personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan and went through extensive national security screening by the Department of State before arriving in the US.

Operation Welcome Home. Operation Got Your Back. Operation Wheels.

Need assistance with getting you and your family settled, securing your first car, and finding your first job while developing a career strategy? Please complete our intake form below and we will contact you with assistance based on your needs.

Operation Lost in Translation

Have you applied for a Special Immigrant Visa and are experiencing excessive delays or believe your application has been wrongly rejected?  Please fill out this form with as much information as possible and we will do our best to help you overcome those challenges. For general questions, please email us at

Are you a veteran who is trying to assist a wartime ally with coming to the US? We encourage individuals to conduct political action for their interpreters. Check out the resources below:

Operation Never Forget

No One Left Behind is the first organization attempting to compile the number of interpreters who were killed while bravely serving with the US military or while waiting for a SIV. We appreciate your assistance in compiling this data and ensuring that these brave heroes are not forgotten by the United States’ government.

Operation Medic

Injured while serving along US military or government personnel? Filling out this form is the first step in the intake process for Operation Medic. After completing intake, someone will reach out to you and complete the program intake. No One Left Behind cannot guarantee whether the law firm will take your case, how long it may take for the law firm to handle your case, or what sort of treatment and compensation you will be eligible for.