Operation Got Your Back

operation-iconOperation Got Your Back

Operation Got Your Back assists our Wartime Ally clients with job searches, English language classes and cultural adaptation. Our employment services assist with resume development, professional networking and lead generation, job applications, and preparing for interviews. We help locate English classes for family members to help improve their employability and academic success when needed. And, to help smooth the transition and integration into American life, we pair up each family with an American host family to provide guidance on American cultural and social norms.

Our intention is to develop a series of structured culture courses that will be available at sites across the county. These courses will orient our client in a more formal way to the accepted social, cultural, and legal practices of their new home.

Getting Started

If you are in need of assistance with a job search, cultural adaption or locating English language classes for your family please complete our intake form below so we can get to know you better and the begin process of providing you with the vital resources that you need to take the next step.