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Brad Durkin

Boston, MA Chapter Head

In 2011, Brad was deployed to Afghanistan with Bravo 1/25 Marines. There he was selected to be part of a 22-man team that would live away from the main base, and operate alone with a group of local Afghan Highway Policemen. It was here that Brad was introduced to “The Professor” and “Naseer” two interpreters that would accompany him and the rest of Rogue Platoon on their combat patrols. Brad served as the squad’s combat lifesaver and worked to help the various Afghan casualties they encountered on a regular basis.

After the deployment Brad never thought he would see his interpreters again, and then one day, his interpreter showed up in Boston. While it was incredible that his interpreter was stateside, Brad quickly saw that the guy needed help. He made a GoFundMe page to raise money to help his interpreter and that’s when we came across both Brad and his Afghan friend.

Brad is currently the Director of UX & Product Design at tech company SessionM. He is also our contact in the Boston region.