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David Lemoine

Omaha, NE Chapter Head

David retired from the FBI after a little over 20 years in 2005. For the majority of his career, he investigated Colombian and Mexican Cocaine trafficking organizations in Houston. He spent the last 5 years of his career at the Billings, Montana office where he worked a major juvenile prostitution organization that lured young runaway girls into prostitution and worked them in cities across the U.S. While stationed in Billings, he also did a lot of undercover work for other FBI divisions in Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

After retirement he knew he still had the ability to contribute, and the prospect of doing a job that resulted in saving the lives of U.S. troops appealed to him, so he went to work as a contractor gathering intel and doing counter IED work in Afghanistan in 2008. It was there that he had the opportunity to work with several Afghan interpreters. He was immediately impressed with their tremendous loyalty to our troops and their dedication to defeating terrorism. They were some of the most loyal and competent people that he had ever worked with and he will forever be indebted to them for their contribution to the United States. After leaving Afghanistan, he maintained contact with several of these interpreters and began helping a few of them obtain SIV’s by writing letters of recommendation for them. One of them had, and is still having problems obtaining his visa so David began working with another non profit group called the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) because they provided a lawyer for his Afghan friend. He assisted IRAP in lobbying Congress for an extension to the Afghan SIV program in 2014 and again in 2015. It was while he was in Washington with IRAP in 2014 that he first met Matt Zeller.

After returning home he began helping several former Afghan interpreters find work in Omaha, NE and participated in a fund raiser for them in January 2014. He has been doing some of the same things that No One Left Behind does, here in Omaha but with little or no support or formal organization. Matt called David after hearing a National Public Radio interview he had done regarding his work with Afghan interpreters and asked him to work with No One Left Behind. Today David is happy to be associated with such a highly respected organization because it gives credibility to the message he has been trying to convey to potential employers when he talks to them about hiring Afghan interpreters. Fortunately, Nebraska has the lowest unemployment in the country at 2% so it’s pretty easy to find work for them.