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Kristin Kennedy Brown

Director of Partnerships

Kristin Kennedy Brown has helped public and private sector organizations better serve at-risk communities in the US and abroad for more than 13 years. She is a talented partnership builder and recently led the design and expansion of youth health partnerships in 48 countries. She has developed successful collaborations with diverse partners including the US Peace Corps, ExxonMobil, and numerous non-profits. A former Peace Corps Volunteer and current Reserve Army Officer, she has a passion for helping military, civilian, and business communities work together to solve issues created by conflict and unrest. Recognizing that integrating SIV recipients is a community effort and that successful job placement is the best way for families to gain independence, Kristin develops strategic partnerships with organizations that can benefit from the energy, skills, and dedication of our Wartime Allies. Kristin has a Master of Science in Public Policy and Administration from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in Political Science and Sociology.