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Mica Varga

Director of Operation Medic

Mica Varga started volunteering with refugees when she was in high school. The experience was life changing, and led to a lifelong passion for helping refugees and immigrants. From 2011 to 2015, Mica worked Ecumenical Refugee and Immigration Services. She has experience in nearly every area of resettlement (job development, employment, volunteer management, grant writing, donations, and more.) Mica speaks French fluently and basic Kiswahili. Mica’s favorite part of the resettlement process is welcoming new arrivals at the airport, particularly when she is able to see families reunite. She is passionate about giving her clients a voice in the resettlement process and providing her clients with opportunities to both live and thrive in the United States. Mica’s favorite part about being on the No One Left Behind team is that we have such an intense focus on helping our clients make decisions that will lead to long term success.