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To date, we’ve helped resettle over 60 families throughout the United States. We’ve provided ten families with the full suite of services (housing, furnishings, jobs, and cars) and helped all the others to varying degrees to the best of our ability as funding and resources allowed.

Here are some of their inspiring stories:



Janis translates for a meeting of US soldiers and the Afghan National Police they were training in Andar District, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, 2008

Janis helps Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Kinzinger, and Rep. Blumenauer announce the Afghan Allies Protection Extension Act of 2014

On April 28, 2008, U.S. Army Captain Matt Zeller found himself in an ambush pinned down by an enemy fire, low on ammunition, and questioning whether he would ever see his family again. At that critical moment, Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari and an American quick reaction force arrived to rescue Matt and his team. Janis calmly assessed the situation and joined the fight just in time to shoot two Taliban fighters who had flanked Matt’s position and were closing in for the kill.

Zeller was one of five U.S. soldiers Janis directly saved during his nine years of combat interpretation support to Operation Enduring Freedom. For his bravery, the Taliban placed Janis at the top of their kill list in early 2009. Distressed knowing that the Taliban were hunting Janis and his family, Zeller appealed to the media, Congress and the Department of State to take action. Five years later, Janis’ case finally worked its way through U.S. Government bureaucracy, and on October 29, 2013 Janis and his family safely arrived in Washington, DC.

Janis’ struggles were not over. His family arrived in America with no money, prospective income, place to live or other basic necessities. Through the media coverage of Janis’ story, Zeller was able to raise enough money to fully support Janis and his family for more than a year. When Zeller delivered Janis the check – more money than he had ever seen – Janis refused the gift and insisted it be used to save other interpreters still in harms way. It was then that No One Left Behind Inc. was born, with Janis and his family as the first supported client. No One Left Behind helped Janis to find a basic apartment, fully furnish his new housing with necessities, land a good job at a technology firm, and purchase a modest used car to get to and from work – support that forms the cornerstone of No One Left Behind’s family resettlement activities.

With the support of No One Left Behind, Janis has flourished. He now lives in comfortable apartment in Virginia with his wife and two children. He is a manager at a company that supplies emergency transponder beacons for first responders and he spends his free time helping other Afghans adjust to life in America.

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