2017 No One Left Behind Annual Report

Four years into our mission, No One Left Behind operates in ten cities, having helped resettle 2,001 SIV principles for a total of 5,226 people assisted domestically since our founding in 2013. Our goal for the future remains simple – save all the remaining wartime allies (estimated at 50,000 people) left behind in Afghanistan and Iraq who qualify for the SIV program.

This work has healed many wounds we carried home from war…

…But it has also created new ones. It’s impossible to shake the memories of all those we’ve had to turn away. That’s the worst part of the job – not having enough resources to help everyone who needs it and having to be the American to tell them, “Sorry, you’re truly on your own. Best of luck.”

We’re currently facing unprecedented demand for our services. For every family we help, we’re now turning 12 away – a statistic that’s risen every year we’ve existed. We’re so beloved by those we help that word has spread throughout the Afghan and Iraqi communities that “if you need help, call No One Left Behind.”

Please take a minute to read our annual report and get involved with NOLB as a donor or volunteer. We hope this report will help you learn more about our work to date and understand the mission we are committed to seeing through this year and in the years to come.