A Bright Future for the SIV Program

Last spring, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) released a report shining a light on the disturbing drop in arrivals for Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) recipients into the U.S. According to IRC’s findings, total SIV arrivals declined by 28 percent (FY18) compared to the same time period the year before (FY17). Hans Van de Weerd, […]

A Place for Hero’s to Call Home in California’s East Bay Area

Story for NOLB by Jessica Towhey Sometime this year, Hamza Baba* will sit for a California medical licensing exam. If he passes and is granted the license, he’ll be eligible to practice in two countries: Afghanistan and the United States. But in all likelihood, he will only ever work in the U.S. since going back to […]

A Medical Situation Meets Can-Do American Spirit In Rochester

By Ellen Smith, President, NOLB- Rochester Chapter Time was running out for Bashir and his family in Kabul.   A wartime interpreter for the U.S. mission for years in Afghanistan, Bashir would frequently go over the border to get life-saving medicine in Pakistan that was not available in Afghanistan. However, as part of the process […]