Generous Donor and Car Dealership Work with NOLB to Support Our Mission

(pictured L-R) Keith Saddler, NOLB – Julie Casabianca, Donor – Jason Ghorbani, Pre-Owned Director, Koons

As NOLB continues to assist the Afghan and Iraq interpreters (SIVs)  and their families who are re-settling in the US, we have found that providing a vehicle is the single most critical step to get the SIV to self-sufficiency. With a car comes employment and financial stability which allows NOLB to reallocate funds to other need families.

In December, we were contacted by Ms. Julie Casabianca, who works in Indonesia but was back in the States to settle her late father’s estate. Julie heard about NOLB and wanted to help what she felt was a worthy cause. Julie has donated an entire house of furniture, household goods and most importantly, two vehicles.

She informed us that one of the cars wasn’t running and the other also need some mechanical work. NOLB called a local car dealer, Koons Used Car Outlet in Falls Church, VA. and were fortunate when Mr. Jason Ghorbani picked up the phone. We explained who NOLB is, what we do and the situation with the two cars. Jason immediately said, “No Problem …. Koons would be glad to help you”. He then arranged to have the cars towed and evaluated by his top mechanic. We were pleased to learn that the “fixes” were relatively minor and even more pleased when we got the very modest invoice for the parts and labor. This all took place within three days of our initial call to Koons.

We are so grateful for the fact that Julie could have easily sold the cars rather than donate and that Jason and the good folks at Koons Used Car Outlet took on something which they could have easily declined to do as being outside the scope of their business. Fortunately, both Julie and Jason put social conscience above profit.

In talking to Jason we informed him that NOLB is in need of a huge number of cars for the scores of SIVs that are arriving in the US each month. We have agreed to work with Koons Used Car Outlet and as funds are available, to purchase cars which he and his people identify as being in our price range and being sound mechanically. Great example of how a “good deed” can turn into a business opportunity.

Again, NOLB can’t thank Julie and Jason enough for their selfless support of our mission to assist the thousands of SIVs who are trying to carve out a new life in our country.


Keith Saddler

Board Member, NOLB