Khalid Hamidi

Khalid Hamidi

Khalid Framarz Hamidi advises on Afghan legal matters as a Foreign Legal Consultant under the Virginia Bar and an active member of the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association. He is a nationally respected member of the Afghanistan legal community, recognized by high-ranking Afghan and U.S. officials as a prominent expert in Afghanistan law.

Mr. Framarz Hamidi possesses over 12 years of counseling and litigation experience in private practice and government project with organizations such the United States Department of State, United States Department of Defense, Norwegian Refugees Council and OXUS-Afghanistan Micro Finance Bank.

Previously, Mr. Framarz Hamidi served as a legal advisor with the U.S. Military’s Combined Joint Inter-Agency Task Force-435(CJIATF-435) where he trained, advised and mentored fledging Afghan government judicial officials on established rule of law procedures and concepts at the Justice Center in Parwan (JCIP). JCIP is the national security court responsible for adjudication of terrorism and national security cases.

Mr. Framarz Hamidi holds a bachelor degree in law from Kabul University Faculty of Law and Political Science and a Certificate in Spanish Law, Politics & Economy from the University Autonoma de Madrid.

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