Update on “sensitive and trusted activity” requirement for SIV applications filed after December 23, 2016. From State Department: “Evidence provided by the applicant (including the information contained in the applicant’s Verification of Employment in Afghanistan, Letter of Recommendation, Form DS-157, Statement of Threats Received as a Consequence of Your Employment, and Employee Badge) is evaluated […]

She Walked 7 Miles Home From Work After Midnight

Meet 19-year-old Marwa Mohammadi. Marwa’s family arrived in the US in 2017 after facing death threats from the Taliban because of her father’s 10 years of service with the Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. Marwa’s father is unable to work and her mother doesn’t speak any English. At 19, Marwa is the sole supporter of her […]

CNN Heroes Features Work of No One Left Behind

Merrifield, Va. – On Thursday CNN released a news feature highlighting the work of non-profit No One Left Behind (NOLB). The story showcases the support NOLB provides to Iraqi and Afghan translators who work alongside U.S. troops overseas as they seek safety and a new life in the United States. Matt Zeller, Janis Shinwari, and […]

CNN Heroes – NOLB!

These war heroes face another kind of danger Oakton, Virginia (CNN)In 2008, Matt Zeller was serving in Afghanistan as a captain in the US Army. One day while out on a routine mission, he and his squad were attacked by Taliban insurgents. Zeller would have been killed, he said, had it not been for his […]

No One Left Behind’s Matt Zeller Honors Sen. John McCain

I had the honor to meet with Sen. McCain on four occasions in my life. The first was when I volunteered for his first Presidential Campaign in 2000. I was 18. I met him at the Rochester, NY Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Highland Park on a cold February Saturday evening. I had spent the afternoon […]

We Cannot Betray Our Afghan and Iraqi Allies

The United States Congress has voted to impose a virtual death sentence on Afghan and Iraqi translators and support personnel who offered services to the U.S. military and contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq. On Wednesday, the Senate approved the $717 billion National Defense Authorization Act but refused to include any provisions for the Special Immigrant […]

Freeing Our Allies to Pursue the American Dream

This weekend – as we remember those who fought and died in service to our country – America risks breaking our promise to wartime allies who desperately need our help. Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) arrivals overall in the first half of this year have declined by 28 percent compared to the same time period last […]

2017 No One Left Behind Annual Report

Four years into our mission, No One Left Behind operates in ten cities, having helped resettle 2,001 SIV principles for a total of 5,226 people assisted domestically since our founding in 2013. Our goal for the future remains simple – save all the remaining wartime allies (estimated at 50,000 people) left behind in Afghanistan and […]

No One Left Behind Just Launched a New Operation

Introducing Operation Medic Operation Medic assists our Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs) with medical and mental health treatment and compensation.  No One Left Behind partners with renowned litigators who have a military background to ensure that our wartime allies receive the treatment and compensation for wartime injuries mandated by the US government. We intake cases […]

SIVs and the Tangled Road to America: “He had to leave ma’am”

Asif’s Story Asif started his application for a SIV while still in Afghanistan in 2008. As the years passed, and because of his continuous work for the U.S., Asif was hunted by the Taliban. To save his life, Asif had to leave Afghanistan as a refugee in 2011, before his U.S. visa was approved. Asif […]