A Place for Hero’s to Call Home in California’s East Bay Area

Story for NOLB by Jessica Towhey Sometime this year, Hamza Baba* will sit for a California medical licensing exam. If he passes and is granted the license, he’ll be eligible to practice in two countries: Afghanistan and the United States. But in all likelihood, he will only ever work in the U.S. since going back to […]

From Celine Dion And Madonna To A U.S. Marine Special Forces Unit

Written by Jessica R. Towhey Ali Rasouly spent four years working as an interpreter for MARSOF U.S. Marine Raider Special Forces units. It took five years for him to be approved for a Special Immigrant Visa to move to the United States when it became too dangerous to continue living in Afghanistan. “It doesn’t make sense,” […]

SIVs and the Tangled Road to America: “He had to leave ma’am”

Asif’s Story Asif started his application for a SIV while still in Afghanistan in 2008. As the years passed, and because of his continuous work for the U.S., Asif was hunted by the Taliban. To save his life, Asif had to leave Afghanistan as a refugee in 2011, before his U.S. visa was approved. Asif […]

NOLB family helps rescue neighbor during apartment fire

One of our California families suffered a tragedy this week. They just lost everything due to an apartment fire – two bags of items salvaged by the firefighters and some Red Cross blankets are all this family has left. The fire started in the apartment above them but it engaged the sprinkler system in their […]

The Meaning in Volunteering

Our volunteers mean so much to our organization, our clients, and our communities. We want to share this letter written to our Chief Operating Officer, Jason Gorey, from one of our great No One Left Behind volunteers, Katie: Hi Jason, I hope you have had a nice weekend. I just wanted to thank you again for […]

Help those who helped us.

First and foremost, thank you! Your generosity over the last two weeks helped No One Left Behind keep 15 families off the streets in the DC area!! Thanks to you, 30 adults and 45 children are still safe in the homes they’ve made here in America. Thank you. Of course, our work is never done. […]

The Essence of Good

The Essence of Good How do you repay someone for the gift of life? What is it you wouldn’t do? I imagine you’d do anything. Janis Shinwari, the Afghan translator who worked with my Army unit in Afghanistan, saved my life (check out the amazing story here), and those of four other American soldiers over […]

Freedom Matters

  We are excited to be launching a new #FREEDOMMATTERS campaign to support the many interpreters who served us so valiantly in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we need your help. We are hoping to raise up to $100,000 to enable them to build new lives here in America. It really is the greatest gift we can give them. […]

Alive Day – Just what it says

The word “Saint” isn’t used as much today as it used to be. Maybe it should be; it’s a word in my world for sure.  By definition a saint is a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as going to heaven after death. That’s the only way I can describe Janis, the […]

Helping a Veteran Hero in Omaha, NE

I want to take this opportunity to thank NOLB for helping me in providing services to a very deserving Afghan former interpreter name Waheed who arrived in Omaha, NE about two weeks ago. Waheed had worked as an interpreter since 2003 and had been involved in many combat operations in Kandahar, Jalalabad, Bagram, Gazni and […]