No One Left Behind Just Launched a New Operation

Introducing Operation Medic

Operation Medic assists our Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs) with medical and mental health treatment and compensation.  No One Left Behind partners with renowned litigators who have a military background to ensure that our wartime allies receive the treatment and compensation for wartime injuries mandated by the US government. We intake cases to ensure prompt responses by our legal partners at no cost to our clients.

We are also currently writing grants to pilot mental health and group therapy services for our wartime allies with specific combat related trauma.  We endeavor to ensure that all clients are able to access appropriate medical services for common service related injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, shrapnel and bullet wounds, and post-traumatic stress.

Operation Medic enters the field just in time to fill a serious need among SIVs who fought alongside American troops but now have little support and few avenues to seek help for their wounds. No One Left Behind is eager to get to work on this new operation by offering legal support and assistance with access to care for those who honorably fought for America.

If you or someone you know was injured while working as a local national employee of an American military contractor in Iraq or Afghanistan, please fill out our intake form.

We can also assist family members of local nationals who were killed in the line of duty working for American military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.