Operation Secret Santa

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to your support, we’re on pace to resettle 1000 people by the end of this year. We’ve helped obtain housing, employment, transportation, and furniture, all thanks to you.

When our translators arrive from Afghanistan and Iraq, they come with little more than the clothes on their backs. Without us, they often end up in unfurnished homes without even the basic tools to cook a meal.

That’s why, this holiday season, we’re launching Operation Secret Santa. We’ve selected the four most in demand items that we often have difficulty acquiring through donations. Now you have the opportunity to directly give one of these life changing goods to a family in need.



Even better, by using Amazon Smile and selecting No One Left Behind we get 5% of the total purchase! 

Please send your gifts and contributions to:

No One Left Behind
P.O. Box 3641
Merrifield, VA 22116

Thank you again for your support, it is appreciated and it makes a difference.  We could not do this without you.  Together, we will ensure we Keep America’s Promise and bring all of our veterans home.Happy Holidays!