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No One Left Behind is an all-volunteer organization working to support Special Immigrant Visa recipients (SIVs).  We do this by providing resources to SIV Ambassadors living in SIV communities throughout the United States.  Together with our Advisory Board, we work to advocate for our allies in front of the Executive and Legislative branches, provide subject matter expertise to the media, and partner with major US businesses to provide opportunities to this next generation of Americans.

When I first arrived in the United States, everything came to me was from complete strangers.  Toys for my kids, mattresses, blankets, dishes, even money to pay for my rent was from complete strangers.  That is how my life started here and that was the birth of No One Left Behind.  This organization does not get any funds from the government.  Everything comes from strangers.  When we were in Afghanistan, we interpreters were a bridge between the US government and the Afghan government, the US civilians and Afghan civilians, but over here, this organization works as a bridge between the interpreters’ families and you.  We can’t do anything without your support. We need to keep our promise.

-Janis Shenwari, Co-Founder of No One Left Behind

What is really important here is that those who have been supported when they came here are now supporting those who are coming here.  And that is hugely important because it demonstrates their own responsibility, their own gratitude, their own desire to payback, to pay it forward for all of this…  Thanks for not only continuing to support those who come here, but thanks also for being an example of the newest generation of immigrants to our shores from what you do to contribute to the country. 

– General David Petraeus

Janis Shenwari

Founder of No One Left Behind
Northern Virginia

Ajmal Farqiri

Northern Virginia

Mike Jabbar

Wilmington, NC

Khalid Hamidi

Northern Virginia

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General David Petraeus

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