She Walked 7 Miles Home From Work After Midnight

Meet 19-year-old Marwa Mohammadi.

Marwa’s family arrived in the US in 2017 after facing death threats from the Taliban because of her father’s 10 years of service with the Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. Marwa’s father is unable to work and her mother doesn’t speak any English. At 19, Marwa is the sole supporter of her family of five in an unfamiliar country.

After months of searching, Marwa got a job with United Airlines at Dulles Airport. To get to work, she rides two buses and two metro trains. Marwa’s shift ends after the last bus, so she walks seven miles home after midnight, regardless of the weather.

Imagine a 19-year-old woman making a seven-mile walk alone through snow, sleet, and rain in the pitch black of night. Night after night after night.

In September, Marwa carefully explained her precarious situation to me. I was floored by her story. This is exactly why NOLB was formed – to assist a 19-year-old SIV who is the sole supporter of her family of five and working incredibly hard to create a new life in America.

Marwa’s story is all too common among our wartime allies trying to make it in new, unfamiliar surroundings. Every SIV has a story and a family. Each one is a hero. Our country promised them safety in America. Your generous contribution this year can help us keep that promise.

Upon learning of Marwa’s trouble, not to mention her tremendous grit and resolve in the face of adversity, NOLB immediately put her on the top of the list to receive a car. Through generous donations from supporters like you, we were able to find Marwa an affordable car so she can safely travel to and from work and support her family. We are currently working with local donors and organizations to ensure her insurance and maintenance costs are covered until she can budget for them herself.

Handing Marwa the keys to her car was the highlight of my more than five years as a volunteer with No One Left Behind. I immediately knew, despite our limited resources, that NOLB changes lives.

Your support makes the happy ending to Marwa’s story possible. Your contributions allow America to be true to her word. Our mission remains critical. Our wartime allies in need of support outpace our current resources.