Volunteer Profile: Jamie Gold

We wanted to find out about what it’s like volunteering for No One Left Behind, so we talked to Jamie Gold, who works tirelessly to help out in the San Diego area.  Here’s what she had to say:

I’m an author, journalist, professional speaker and Certified Kitchen Designer.  All of my talks and writing, including a pair of books, focus on home-related design topics.  I’m not a veteran, but I am a former military spouse and I volunteer regularly for military charities, like No One Left Behind. I’ve been volunteering for various causes since my teen years.  Giving back was always stressed in our household growing up.

I’ve always been motivated by a sense of fairness; this has been a recurring theme in most of my volunteer work through the years.  It struck me that the treatment of our Afghan and Iraqi interpreters was anything but fair, and I was inspired to help when I read about No One Left Behind late last year.  

I’m working on something for our “terps” almost every day, it seems.  It varies from posting job search tips in our Facebook group to local media/promotional pitching to creating or editing resumes, doing interview coaching or dropping off donated household goods to a local family.  I reached out to NOLB in early December and started working with our local interpreters almost immediately. 

One of my favorite stories is all about this great San Diego community.  I belong to a community Facebook group and posted a household needs list for the first terp I started working with in December.  I was overwhelmed with the response.  Not only did we fill the needs list within a few days, but I also saw the amazing depth of support from our city for this population.  San Diego has a very strong military presence, and the families of these warriors truly appreciate the sacrifices these interpreters have made for their loved ones’ safety and well being.  

We’re looking for passionate people like Jamie to join our volunteer team. If you have a few hours a month to give back, please visit https://nooneleft.org/get-involved/volunteer-2/.