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San Diego Fire

The father of one of our NOLB families spent six years working with USAID in Afghanistan as a translator and assisting with civil affairs agricultural development missions. He was also a part of USAID’s Community Cohesion Initiative operating in Helmand province where he survived ambushes and suicide bombing attacks. It took his family three years to get their SIVs and one month after they arrived in the U.S. they lost everything in an apartment fire.

After the fire, they were left with two bags of items salvaged by the firefighters and some Red Cross blankets. The fire started in the apartment above them but it engaged the sprinkler system in their apartment, so all of their possessions were damaged or ruined by the water.

In this time of crisis, while securing his own family’s safety, this hero father could not leave anyone behind. A neighbor, as she was running down the stairs, screamed that her young son was still inside the burning apartment. The father of our NOLB family ran up to the apartment, still ablaze, and rescued the boy; reuniting him safely with his mother and siblings.

Thankfully, the family came through the ordeal unscathed and the apartment complex was able to get them moved into a vacant apartment about 48 hours after the fire. Between donations on hand with local NOLB volunteers and incredible community generosity, NOLB was able to get the family all the basics – dishes, towels, linens, mattresses, clothing, shoes, etc… by the first night in their new apartment.

Special thanks and kudos to our incredible volunteers who jumped into action and made sure this family was taken care of and tended to in a time of crisis.

Donations made by our generous supporters via the NOLB website were applied to cover two months’ worth of rent for the family ($2,500). Additionally, between furniture donations and local donations the family completely replaced their furniture in only two weeks.

The father of this family is back at work. The kids are back in school and their mom is smiling again.

No One Left Behind helped the family find a new apartment, replace all their belongings, and start again.

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